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American canyon restaurants

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living goddess

Kumaari, or Kumari Devi – the Hindu god living in Nepal. Kumari is a girl, it did not reach sexual maturity, chosen from the Shakya caste of Newar people. The goddess is worshiped all over the country and Hindus, and Buddhists. In public, she appears only thirteen times a year on special occasions, spending the rest of the time outside … Continua a leggere

Scientists have discovered a surprising shaved armpits!

The study showed scientists from the Czech Republic, the smell of sweat, male shaved armpits women seem more attractive than the sharp smell of armpits, remained intact. The women did not know at the time of the study, what they were given a sample sniff. Women smell of armpits unshaven hardly tolerated. Scientists believe that there is possible to observe … Continua a leggere

Acropolis lease: as a translator for the love of “Google” false news are born

Russian business publications, along with the world fell victim to Google-transleytora. Here is a perfect example of how the difficulties of translation are born false news. And also an example of how bad it is in the journalistic community with the knowledge of languages. Today, RBC released the wonderful news. “In desperation, the Greeks decided to rent their sights. We … Continua a leggere

The American, “married” for the building to save him from demolition

An unusual wedding ceremony was held last Sunday in Seattle. “Bridegroom,” the girl is prepared for demolition to build in its place an apartment complex. As the Prian.ru, Babylonia Alvas “love” in the 107-year-old warehouse building on Capitol Hill while participating in the protest action “Grab Seattle” (by analogy with “Bring Wall Street”). According to the girl, who cites NWCN.com, … Continua a leggere